Welcome to the Ceridian HR & Payroll Centre for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Your clients depend on you to provide risk aversion and keep them legislatively compliant. When you partner with us our proven web-based solutions and professional service will help your clients save time, automate administration processes, cut costs, and drive compliance. Learn more about what we offer in this resource centre.

Still doing payroll for clients yourself?

Whether you’re looking to reduce the time you spend on payroll or outsource payroll duties completely – Ceridian’s solutions give you flexibility to focus on growing the strategic areas of your practice.

If you choose to sell your payroll book of business to Ceridian, you earn dollars and your clients gain world-class support from payroll professionals.

Five reasons to partner with Ceridian:

  • 1

    Gain more time to focus on higher value work

  • 2

    Give your clients the option of direct deposit and direct remittances

  • 3

    Eliminate the expense of hiring temporary payroll staff for holidays

  • 4

    Stop worrying about ever-changing payroll legislation

  • 5

    Lighten your workload at year-end